WhatsApp Chatbots For The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry around the world are in pressure due to increasing patient numbers and covid. With help of chatbots Hospitals may provide better patient experiences 

WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging platform. From homeowners to executives to agents; all of us use WhatsApp every day, to talk to friends and family alike.

WhatsApp for health care industry to send medical prescription, OPD payment alert, Doctor information, follow-up and medicine reminder.


Top 09 Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Healthcare industry



1. Prescription - Send prescription via WhatsApp API to your patient.


2. Appointment - Book online appointment, send appointment confirmation via text.


3. Disease Awareness - Run disease awareness alerts campaigns and make your patient aware about critical disease.


4. Reports on the go - Make your health care business online send medical reports, prescription, diet plans via text attachments.


5. Manage Emergency - Use Bulk WhatsApp to send in bulk if any emergency.


6. OPD Payment - Send OPD Payment details or receipt or payment confirmation via text


7. Health Tips - Send Health Tips to your registered patient like what to do or not.


8. Payment Reminders - Send text for the Payment Reminders to your patient or their care taker.


9. Visitation - Deliver visitor passes to patients via text and confirm online booking.


WhatsApp Chatbots For The Healthcare Industry